The Breakup

Heather Stobo, Emily Burson, and Lisa Casoni Founders of Beato Chocolates.Heather Stobo, Emily Burson, and Lisa Casoni Founders of Beato Chocolates.

Sometimes, relationships end. Sometimes, no one is at fault. Sometimes, people just need to follow their separate paths. We had entered those times. Emily had started the business with us. Whatever differences we had in the beginning, were masked with “new relationship energy.” As that faded, we realized that we wanted different things from the company. Her departure was amicable and dignified. Suddenly, Lisa and I were on our own.
Sometimes, breakups open a path to creativity. Sometimes, they pilot growth. Sometimes, they lead to a heavy dose of retail therapy. We had entered those times. With manic energy, Lisa and I started to develop new chocolate bar flavors and expand our product line. We bought industrial machinery, tripled our stock of chocolate molds, and embroidered our logo on anything not made of plastic or steel. Yes, relationships end…and, sometimes, that is how we reach our full potential.

Stay tuned,
Co-Founder of Beato Chocolates

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