“I owe it all to chocolate, art books and young men.”-Beatrice “Beato” Wood

Beatrice Wood, known as the “Mama of Dada”, lived until 105 and created art every day. One of the few women to pioneer an avant-garde movement, Wood made her mark in the art world with gravitas and whimsy. Anti-established in Ojai where wellness, creativity and pleasure collide, Beato Chocolates honors her trailblazing legacy. Woman-owned and artist focused, our handcrafted, Fair Trade Certified bars, use the finest, locally sourced ingredients. Ojai, Wood said, was like finding “the gold at the end of a long obstacle-strewn rainbow.” Beato Chocolates offers a sweet taste of her special valley.

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  • "Do not imitate, but listen to the small voice which is your own and true."

    - Beatrice "Beato" Wood

  • "At night I lie in bed and plan my next day of work in the studio. I imagine the bowls, chalices, tiles I will create, as well as the naughty figures that I enjoy making"

    - Beatrice " Beato" Wood

  • "….I know nothing about Dada. I was only in love with men connected with it, which I suppose is as near to being Dada as anything."

    - Beatrice "Beato" Wood